Tagline Invites Consumers to Join Unique Craft Lifestyle

As San Diego’s first microbrewery, Karl Strauss Brewing Company has built an undeniable legacy on the craft beer scene since 1989. In a rapidly accelerating industry with an influx of newcomers, we saw an opportunity to sharpen the Karl Strauss story as they continue to release award-winning beer and expand brewery restaurants.

After immersing ourselves in the brand through brewery and restaurant visits, by chatting with beer enthusiasts about current brand perceptions, and of course, by drinking generous amounts of beer, we arrived at a new tagline: Drink Craft. Live Easy. This fun, expressive message is a strong reminder that, although they aren’t the newest brewer on the block, they still stand for craft beer and the craft lifestyle. It reestablishes Karl Strauss as a local beer icon and connects their approachable attitude to the laid-back lifestyle associated with San Diego.