More nimble.

One of the world’s most valuable brands gains invaluable agility.


How does a fast-moving global organization respond to changing needs?

With near-constant demands to develop and execute ideas quickly and consistently, Intel found an adaptable partner that could deliver.

More was possible.

Intel Photography Brand 01

More visible in more places.

Intel® Core™ M Processor Launch

An out-of-home campaign in major European capitals gave millions of consumers a glimpse of a thinner and lighter future.

Levi’s Stadium sponsorship

Signage, outdoor, and video celebrate the dedication to elite performance shared by Intel and the San Francisco 49ers.

Mobile World Congress

A train station takeover at a major industry event told a big story: the ubiquity of Intel technology in the mobile ecosystem.

Opinion Leader Campaign

Illustrating the unexpected ways in which Intel technology impacts lives, a campaign of print, digital, out-of-home, video, and radio helped to boost Intel’s corporate citizenship ratings.


More presence.

Telecom World Geneva

At one of the world’s largest technology events, we showcased the brand’s technology leadership in a 2500-square-foot space, and augmented it with digital, print, video, and out-of-home advertising.

Style guidelines

A more consistent brand.

Intel Brand Portal

Providing direction, instructions and downloadable assets all in one place, the site helped align strategy and messaging for hundreds of global agencies and marketers, accelerating the uptake of the new identity.


More visual storytelling.

The Connected City

A meticulously constructed image combines photography and CGI to illustrate a unified vision of Intel technology embedded in key verticals.

Brand photography

Producing sessions on three continents, we helped Intel convey the impact of the brand around the globe, and created a library of culturally appropriate and authentic photos.


More continuity.

Top-50 ranking in Fortune magazine’s most admired brands—every year from 2006 to 2016.

20+ year client/agency relationship.

“MiresBall understood our target and was able to deliver strong, compelling content. We’d look to them for strategy and for how we might develop and promote the branding. What they came back with was always what [we] asked for, along with two or three more options that were even better. They listened, and the relationship was collaborative.”

Ronald Crump

Former Intel Marketing Program Manager

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