More iconic.

Global audio leader amplifies its heritage for audiences new and old.


How does a legendary brand build on its long-standing reputation for quality?

Well-known among legions of devoted professional audio customers, Shure wanted to reach new audiences.

More was possible.

Shure Hero 01
Brand strategy

A more powerful expression.

As a cornerstone of the Shure visual identity, Legendary Performance harnessed the company’s 90-year history, capturing its near-constant presence on legendary stages and trusted reputation for quality.

Shure Strategy 01
Visual identity

A more portable visual element.

Expanding the Shure identity toolkit, we created a flexible asset, inspired by the iconic Shure 55 Vocal Microphone. The brand icon strengthened ties to the company’s heritage and helped Shure be seen in more places.

Shure Identity 01

More cohesive.

Wired microphones

A long-term masterplanning effort for three product tiers resulted in a systemized packaging language with a unique identity for each tier.

Listening products

A series of packages cues different benefits, and speaks uniquely to both the audiophile and the younger consumer.

Commemorative editions

Special collectable packages celebrate the iconic microphones and the significant milestones in the storied history of the Shure brand.

Shure Packaging Commemorative 01
Shure Packaging Commemorative 02@2x
Shure Packaging Commemorative 03@2x

A more engaging story.

MOTIV Digital Microphones

A new suite of products for digital recording speaks to a new generation of DIY content creators.

SM58 50th anniversary

We created a campaign to celebrate the cultural importance of the legendary SM58 Vocal Microphone.

Shure SM58 50th Anniversary Advertising

More true.

A key asset for Shure, photography helps solidify the connection between the company and its audience. Audio pros, aspiring musicians and music fans see the world they love, delivered by a brand that clearly gets it.


More recognizable.

12-year client relationship yields a more consistent brand expression.

“MiresBall sets the bar for what a creative resource should be, and in my opinion, no one else has measured up!”

Peter Herr

Senior Manager, Shure

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