San Diego brand agency behind identity of e-lock

By MiresBall,

Kevo brand naming

MiresBall coins Kevo for Kwikset’s Bluetooth lock system.

SAN DIEGO – Kevo is unique, simple and memorable. And it is just what Kwikset needed for its new e-lock.

Marking a paradigm shift in lock technology, Kwikset needed a name to launch its new Bluetooth electronic lock system.

So San Diego-based brand agency MiresBall composed Kevo, “a name that combines ‘key,’ ‘go’ and ‘revolution,’ and evokes the freedom and flexibility the breakthrough technology brings to consumers,” said Scott Mires, partner and creative director.

Through a mobile app, for example, Kevo transforms a smartphone into an e-key, offering consumers the ease of one-touch access. The mobile app also enables consumers to share e-keys with family members and its remote unlocking capability facilitates easier accessibility for others such as service providers and technicians.

Mires noted that the simplicity of the Kevo name reflects the product’s ability to make daily tasks easier.

“No more fumbling for keys in the rain or struggling with groceries in one arm and a squirming toddler in the other while trying to get into the house,” he said.

“It’s that simple. It’s Kevo.”

Other identity projects undertaken by MiresBall include PIRCH, the premium home furnishings retailer formerly known as Fixtures Living, and MiFi, a consumer-friendly name for the personal wireless hotspot developed by Novatel Wireless. Both are San Diego-based companies.


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