Best Western Hotels & Resorts

More contemporary.

A dramatic identity refresh helps consumers see the brand in a new light.


How does a ubiquitous brand communicate a new experience?

Best Western invested $2 billion in their North American properties, and modernized their global portfolio.

A re-introduction was in order—to signal the brand’s evolution to today’s traveler.

More was possible.

Best Western Hero 01
Visual identity

A more polished approach.

The new logo—a monogram in the hotel’s signature blue—is iconic shorthand for the new Best Western, eye-catching online and from the highway.

The customized font treatment makes the wordmark stand out, and signals the brand’s contemporary move.

Best Western Hero 02
Identity system

More differentiated offerings.

A family of logos builds strong brand equity and differentiates the offerings for a new generation of travelers.

Best Western Hero 03

A more energetic expression.

The vibrant POV of today’s modern traveler shows the revitalized brand up close at Best Western destinations around the globe.

Best Western Advertising New Brand Logo

More noticeable.

4100+ hotels and resorts worldwide updated with new identity.

“A collaborative, optimistic and committed partner, MiresBall helped us get this incredibly challenging effort over the finish line.”

Dorothy Dowling

Chief Marketing Officer, Best Western

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