Jetty Extracts

More refined.

With statewide legalization on the horizon, Oakland-based cannabis brand Jetty wanted to polish their look and feel for the mainstream. Plus, with plans to expand their product line and enter the growing number of cannabis-legal markets around North America, they needed a strong identity to take the California vibe nationwide.

Slider Logo Before After Arrow 01

A simplified logo deemphasizes the name’s literal meaning to give the brand life away from the coast.

Slider Packaging Before After Arrow 01

Refined packaging emphasizes the Jetty name over the Gold product line for better brand recognition.

Each strain is color coded in a light, engaging package with illustration that would be right at home in a beach town mural.

Pattern Jetty Logo

The design toolkit references hills, mountains, and ocean—an evergreen part of the brand’s Golden State DNA.

Packaging Jetty Vape

Versatile brand elements naturally extend to other package forms.


More growth.

In a single year, Jetty advanced from the #14 to the #4 best-selling vape brand in California and secured private funding for continued expansion into newly legal regions.

“The MiresBall team doesn’t do design for design’s sake; they understand the value of design and its needed function from a business standpoint.”

Jonathan Forstot

Chief Marketing Officer, Jetty Extracts

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