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More accepted.

A mature look advances two cannabis brands into the mainstream.


How do you infuse legitimacy into a newly legal category?

At a time when cannabis use was first reaching a mass market, a family of cannabis-infused beverages aspired to defy old stigmas with accessible branding.

More was possible.


More meaningful.

As cannabis passes more legal and social barriers around the country, the name Just Society promotes the idea of a more civil relationship with the substance on a large scale.

Naming Justsociety
Visual identity

A more level appearance.

Reflecting the changing attitude towards cannabis, it’s an expression of balance, justice, and civility, rendered simply and iconically.

Identity Justsociety

More approachable.

The can design embraces a classic look that stands out at the dispensary but feels right at home in polite company.

A more fitting departure.

While the coffee and tea line was designed to reflect traditional category conventions, another product—cannabis-infused craft beer—needed an approach that expressed the newness of the concept.

Hero Tworoots

More integrated.

Though the product line features an innovative offering—a beer with active THC ingredients—the name Two Roots celebrates tradition, as two deep-rooted crafts intersect.

Naming Tworoots
Visual identity

Get more from the source.

Two powerful flowers work together as one. This and the tagline—Beer Without Boundaries—both support the potent results of this innovative combination.

Identity Tworoots

More clarity.

A dual color strategy works to both maintain the simple, eye-catching appeal of the identity and create separation between products. Green tops mean THC, gold means alcohol, and each beer style gets its own unique color tab.

Signage Tworoots

More potential.

12-state launch with plans to expand as recreational cannabis is legalized across the country.

“MiresBall made a significant impact on our business by helping to normalize the look and feel of our products—way beyond our expectations. Their work enabled us to successfully—and proudly—launch Two Roots and Just Society into the cannabis marketplace.”

Kevin Love

Director of Strategic Accounts, Cannabiniers

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