More connected.

A state-of-the-art concept for the modern workplace focuses on bringing people together.


How do you rebuild people’s notion of “the office”?

For the first time in Las Vegas, a modern office/retail/residential campus was primed to redefine the workplace environment in a community that was betting big on its next big moment.

More was possible.

Uncommons Aerial View

A more unique gathering.

UnCommons creates an office community unlike any other.

Uncommons Naming
Visual identity

More useful.

A ligature of “un” in the wordmark creates a versatile icon that signals connectivity and a different kind of work environment.

Uncommons Ligature

More to be proud of.

On the verge of a major local renaissance, UnCommons taps into a big moment for Las Vegas. The site captures the many ways this project is a step forward for the city.

Thought leadership

Giving more character to the concept.

To articulate the philosophy behind UnCommons, an illustrated story brings its big ideas to life, cementing the project’s place in a modern workplace paradigm.

Illustration: Channin Fulton

Uncommons Mural Couple

More capital.

$150M in financing secured, with construction underway for a planned March 2022 grand opening.

“MiresBall worked with my team to shape the vision and voice of a very unique project, creating a name and identity that helped us get UnCommons off the ground.”

Jim Stuart

Partner, Matter Real Estate Group

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