More refreshing.

A light touch and a bit of personality assures patients they can breathe easy.


How can treating a sleep disorder get better?

Designed to clear the path to relief for sleep apnea patients, Lofta combines in-home sleep testing and step-by-step guidance. The company needed a brand identity and voice to reflect its simpler, friendlier approach to treatment.

More was possible.

Lofta Hero 01@2x

More elevated.

The name Lofta evokes a sense of uplift for patients who can look forward to rising each morning feeling refreshed.

Naming Lofta
Visual identity

Opening more eyes and airways.

With airy gradients, friendly type, and an icon that presents an unobstructed path, the brand suggests the ease and clarity of the Lofta experience.


Giving patients more breathing room.

To ensure simplicity was felt at every stage of the user journey, a streamlined process was developed, along with a clear, refreshing voice to ease patients along at every step.


A more supportive shopping experience.

Prior to launch of the full sleep therapy process, Lofta built an e-commerce store to serve early-access patients. In a business where price is standardized across the industry, the brand and voice go a long way to differentiate Lofta.


More momentum.

10,000+ orders in the first year after launch.

“Your commitment to a successful launch has not wavered. We recognize the integral part you have played in bringing our vision to fruition. Nothing but glowing reviews from me.”

Jay B. Levitt

Founder and CEO, Lofta

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