Digital health trailblazer lays a refreshing path to sleep apnea therapy.

Lofta Miresball Portrait

How does the dream of healthier sleep become reality?

Getting diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea often means restless nights in a sleep lab and multiple disconnected interactions—barriers that keep many patients from seeking help. With a streamlined, end-to-end process, Lofta needed to communicate an entirely different experience.


A more elevated experience.

The brand name evokes a sense of uplift for patients who can look forward to rising each morning feeling refreshed.


Visual identity

A welcoming wordmark.

Evolving to be less formal and more readable at a smaller scale, the brand logo has a good-natured softness that feels friendly and optimistic.

Miresball Website Lofta Colorways
Lofta Logo Before
Lofta Logo After
Brand toolkit

More relaxed.

Free-flowing illustrations and soft, calming colors set expectations that while this is a medical therapy, it’s far from clinical.

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A more supportive store.

With step-by-step explanations and a helpful bundling process, the online experience demystifies CPAP therapy for new patients, while giving returning customers quick access to upgrades and supplies.

Lofta Miresball Sleep Apnea Graphic
Lofta Miresball Team Illustration
Lofta Miresball Website

More reinforcement.

A thematically unified naming system points everything toward the ultimate goal of better, healthier sleep.

Lofta Miresball Rest Rewards
Lofta Miresball Rest Rewards Website
Lofta Miresball Loftacare
Lofta Miresball Loftacare Website
Lofta Miresball Rested
Lofta Miresball Rested Website
Lofta Miresball Mysleep
Lofta Miresball Mysleep Website
Brand toolkit

Building brand loyalty.

With a helpful and reassuring voice, every interaction is designed to keep patients on the path to healthy sleep.

Lofta Miresball Packaging
Lofta Miresball Packaging Tape
Lofta Miresball Email
Your commitment to a successful launch has not wavered. We recognize the integral part you have played in bringing our vision to fruition. Nothing but glowing reviews from me.
Jay B. Levitt, Founder and CEO Lofta

With expanded features, richer content, and a revitalized brand identity, the new website was met with a 357%* increase in organic traffic in its first three months.

*Source: SEMrush