All eyes on the all-new website strategy for

Exploring the new web design for MiresBall, featured on Communication Arts.


We created the website strategy for the new as a bold showcase for our work. In a departure from our previous site, we chose oversized images and extreme close-ups to bring out the details. We also created a narrative for each brand story, in which we emphasize our new tagline: “More is possible.”


We opted for a minimalistic approach where hero images make the work really stand out. We also contrast the client work—which we present in color—with agency-focused content in black and white. We aimed for clarity and specificity throughout, with thoughtful communication of the strategy behind the work.


With over 30 years worth of work to select from, one of our biggest challenges was deciding what to include. This was particularly true for the Intel and Shure studies—where we have relationships of over ten and twenty years, respectively. We felt that the decision to go deep on a few powerful stories would be more valuable than showing a little bit of everything.


“[A] strong emphasis on storytelling—through its site narratives and extensive imagery.”

Favorite details

Key to the website strategy was a focus on imagery. The high-resolution of the shots represent an important component of the site. And with our extensive photography work, we enjoyed being able to showcase a lot more storytelling. We were intentional about the tone and cadence in the brand story pieces, since we wanted to walk potential clients through the work and give them a taste of both our strategy and our storytelling.

Anything new

We used InVision as a prototyping tool to easily communicate feedback among the team, and to help us visualize the site. We also used Specctr for our style guides, which was helpful for transfers between design and development. We also learned that stopping and starting over and over again on a project is not a good process for us!

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