Passing the torch

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After thirty amazing years, I’m stepping down.

Actually, with my old knees, it’s more like hobbling. But either way, I’m passing the MiresBall torch to my partner, John Ball.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have worked with so many of San Diego’s most talented creatives. Together at MiresBall, we’ve helped shape and guide a multitude of brands, we’ve partnered with inspiring clients, and I’m very proud of the body of work we have created. Along the way, I’ve built a network of friends who have made these thirty years a fun-filled pleasure. I want to thank each and every one of you.

John Ball, my partner over all these years, is someone to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude. John will be taking over the firm in September. His leadership and brand vision have been integral to the success of MiresBall, and I’m confident that he will guide the agency to new and exciting heights, with more great work to come, now and in the future.

My plan is to replace both of my knees before the end of the year. Then I’ll take 2017 to test them out surfing up and down the San Diego coast.

I’m not sure my mind will really ever be able to retire, and I’m hoping to take some time to chase some new ideas in surprising new directions. But it sure has been great being a part of this wonderful journey of brands.

Scott Mires

Here’s the press release.