UX with you in mind

Miresball Website Teaser

The why behind our new website.

For a creative agency, designing your own website can be a daunting task. We’re great at digging in and solving our clients’ communication challenges, but not always our own.

So, when we set out to take a fresh look at in late 2022, we knew we needed clear UX objectives to guide us.

Starting with who.

It’s always about the audience. In our case, that means the busy marketer or entrepreneur who’s sifting through a sea of agencies (many of them very good) searching for just-the-right fit.

Sometimes, it’s the expertise in one of our core capabilities that potential clients find compelling. It could also be our work in a certain vertical category that’s relevant to them.

Better yet, it’s both.

To each, their own.

Our site is designed to let every visitor find what’s important to them, knowing that will be different for everyone.

Moving away from a one-size-fits all approach, there’s no need to hunt through all our case studies—unless you want to. Instead, finding the right path is easy with our filtered options.

UX designed to get out of the way.

It’s all delivered in a clean, simple experience that resists the temptation to over-design. Because, while the site is about us, we feel the focus should be on the work we do for our clients—and just as important—what they say about working with us.

We don’t shy away from talking about ourselves; but instead of grandiose, unprovable statements, we keep it to what really matters: what we offer and how we’re different.

In that way, the whole site is an expression of our design philosophy. Timeless over trendy. Substance as much as style. Storytelling that’s simple and succinct.

So, dive in. Look around. And let us know what you think.