Matter Real Estate Group

Progressive developer builds places with people in mind.

Matter Miresball Real Estate Partner

How can a brand’s ethos show up in everything it does?

A real estate development firm built to make a difference for the communities where they build, Matter always takes it to another level. The brand’s identity needed to uphold its belief that both the big ideas and the smallest details matter.

Matter Miresball Sticker

An emphatic declaration serves as an everyday reminder of the firm’s mission.


Visual identity

Balancing its forceful presence, the wordmark is optimistically punctuated by a sunny yellow dot.

Matter Real Estate Group Logo

Business cards make a statement that every team member matters in their own way.

Brand toolkit

Reinforcing the brand’s unifying shape, die cut circles reveal an important reminder.

Matter Miresball Brochure
Matter Miresball Brochure Closeup
Matter Miresball Envelope
Matter Miresball Tag
Matter Miresball Water Bottle

The brand toolkit provides a solid foundation for the name and identity of Matter’s incentive travel program.


Matter Real Estate Group Milemarkers Logo

Refreshingly straight talk defines a digital presence that focuses on people as much as projects.


A commemorative gift book documents the firm’s inception and early efforts.

I know good work when I see it. I also know good people and they’re the kind of people I like to work with. Their work product speaks for itself.
Jim Stuart, Partner Matter Real Estate Group

In just three years since start up, Matter has broken ground on or completed a total of 11 projects, representing over 7 million square feet of office, industrial, and forward-thinking mixed-use development.