Before & After: The Rebranding of Ballast Point

By Scott Mires, Partner/Creative Director

Rebranding is a process filled with emotion, nostalgia, opportunity, strategy, creativity and trepidation. Rarely will you find alignment  among those involved when deciding what to leave alone, what to refine, what to discard and what to create.

For a branding firm like ours, the most challenging piece of the puzzle can be navigating the landscape of stakeholders, where each holds a unique vision of the brand and its value and potential.


Change is inherently full of risk, but there are meaningful rewards to be won for those willing to take a bold step forward. Ballast Point recently announced their upcoming IPO. They are, just as we penned, Dedicated to the Craft. Not to mention, a craft meteor to be reckoned with.

Our work for Ballast Point is a powerful example of what can be achieved in a relationship between a visionary client and a collaboration-minded brand design firm.

Here’s wishing the Ballast Point team the best as they move into their next chapter.




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