From COVID to Community

By John Ball, Principal/Creative Director

MiresBall Brand Design From COVID to Community

This is different.
With almost 40 years in the business, I’ve seen a lot.

From inflated panics like Y2K, to real moments of global crisis like 9/11 and the Great Recession. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen something that impacts so much of daily life like the current pandemic. Which is why, like nothing before, we really are in this together. It affects everyone.

This is also why brands have to address the issue head on. Forget business as usual. No matter who their customer is, that customer’s situation is different now than it was a month ago. Simply acknowledging that we’re in uncharted waters is expected, but the brands that will best weather the situation are the ones who provide shelter from the storm. In this moment, compassion, commitment, and gratitude go an extra long way.

These behaviors are important for brands trying to navigate the economic uncertainty we’re in. Many will be challenged by this. For others, it’s created unique opportunities. But either way, it’s not the time to sacrifice integrity. Instead, try to go the extra mile. Do more if you can. Because, ultimately, a brand is really just a reservoir of goodwill. And now is a great time to fill the tank.

Gratitude is certainly high on my list right now, for many reasons. This week is our office’s fifth working remotely. I’ve been equally frustrated and encouraged by the experience. I miss face-to-face collaboration with our team and our clients, but it’s reassuring to see how much we’ve been able to accomplish this way, and how quickly we got into a groove. So I’m grateful to have a crew that’s been able to pull together like this.

I’m also grateful for the many people whose essential work means they don’t have the privilege, like we do, of working from the safety of home. Whether it’s the ones administering medical service on the frontlines or the people providing critical support in food, government, sanitation, shipping, and other areas—we owe what little bit of normalcy we have right now to you. Our thanks is the very least we can give.

And finally, I’m grateful that MiresBall has clients who are carrying on through this in inspiring ways. In the near future, we’ll be highlighting their efforts, contributions, and messages of hope on our social channels. Look out for the #KudosToOurClients hashtag to see some of the ways they’re extending goodwill during this difficult time.

Like everyone, I look forward to this period being just a strange and distant memory. In the meantime, we’ll #KeepGoing, with a renewed focus on bridging commerce and community in a time when people need it most.

Stay focused. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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