Medtech leader takes a people first approach.

Alere Miresball Photography

How does a patchwork of legacy brands become one company?

Having assembled multiple products and platforms, Inverness Medical set out to bring all the parts together under the Alere umbrella—connecting diagnostics, health management, and most of all, people. With a unified brand vision, a new healthcare conversation began.

Brand strategy

A more defined direction.

The first step was determining the brand’s ultimate value to physicians, patients, and payers—laying the groundwork for future product-focused messaging.

Smart. Connected. Empowering.

Visual identity

More approachable.

With precise curves and a pleasing cranberry hue, the identity announced a world-class medtech brand that was distinctive in its category, while highlighting an accessible, softer side.

Alere Logo Before
Alere Logo After
Alere Miresball Website
Alere Miresball Brochure

More people-focused.

In a dramatic departure from generic stock images, photography emphasized authenticity. Real doctors, patients, and family, presented in crisp, clear black & white.


More depth to the story.

Utilizing the same photographic look, a brand video pulled together the core ideas of connected health, told simply and directly by the people driving this global effort.


Unified in message, look, and tone, Alere had a strong presence with the many people they served around the world. The company was ultimately acquired by Abbott Laboratories for $5.3B in 2017.