Audio startup turns up the volume in a crowded category.

Boomcloud Miresball Boomstick

How can visuals suggest better sound?

A new product designed to upgrade the sound of any headphone needed to get noticed at retail—while helping consumers understand how its immersive spatial audio would impact their listening experience.

It was time to make some noise.

Boomcloud Photography
Brand strategy

An assertive tagline encapsulates the brand’s mission: Giving consumers the power to unlock better sound from any headphone.

Sound Unbound

Visual identity

Amplified by a dynamic perspective, the logo suggests a more dimensional sonic experience.

Boomcloud Miresball Logo Inspiration
Boomcloud Logo Before
Boomcloud Logo After
Brand toolkit

Visually cueing a richer audio soundscape, the full range color palette commands attention in any application.

Boomcloud Letterhead
Boomcloud Business Cards

Evoking a vivid audio experience, the vibrant retail presence stands out on cluttered shelves, communicating product information quickly and simply.

Boomcloud Packaging Front
Boomcloud Packaging Back
Boomcloud Packaging Lineup

A simple, high-contrast comparison brings the product benefit to life.

Boomcloud Campaign

Launched to enthusiastic reviews, the company achieved initial distribution in Verizon stores before pivoting to a software licensing model.