Barrel Riot

More spirited.

An unconventional approach to winemaking—using spirit-barrel aging to create an intense, complex character—needed a name and visual identity to communicate its disruptive personality.

Barrel Riot Naming Master 01

The brand name suggests both recipe and rebellion.

Barrel Riot Logo

Inspired by the spirit barrel-making process, the identity signals a wine that’s bursting with flavor.

A strong color read identifies wine varietals, while amplifying taste appeal.

Barrel Riot Back Label

The brand story celebrates the adventurous, try-anything attitude at the heart of Barrel Riot.

Barrel Riot 5 Bottles Final

The system is built to grow as different wine and spirit barrel combinations create new possibilities.

Barrel Riot Corks Copy

More buzz.

Within a month of its debut,
Barrel Riot generated enthusiasm
among wine aficionados, who have
been willing to pay a premium for
this offbeat pour.

“Our brand is defined by the dramatic difference between us and other wines. MiresBall understood our message and infused it into a name, logo, and image that set us apart from the competition. I couldn’t be happier.”

Daniel Lipsky

Owner, Barrel Riot

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