Future Proof Brands | Brizzy

A classic cocktail-flavored beverage bubbles up for a social audience.

Brizzy Miresball Seltzer Cocktail

How can a new spiked seltzer carve out space in a crowded category?

Entering a fast-growing category with flavors based on traditional cocktails, Future Proof Brands wanted its seltzer to arrive with a splash. Capturing more eyes meant creating a can that people would love to share. On IG and IRL.

Brizzy Miresball Person Holding Can

An invented word for a fizzy beverage that’s breezy fun.


Visual identity

A stylized dot pattern suggests the sparkling cocktail within.


When viewed at a distance, the dot pattern reveals an image of a cocktail glass.

Brizzy Miresball Packaging
Brizzy Miresball Social Media Post
MiresBall was able to bring a large group’s vision to life through an impressive, collaborative effort. Collectively, we all think this brand is going to make some waves!
Nick Greeninger, Marketing Director Future Proof Brands

In the span of 6 months, secured shelf space at 1,000+ retailers in 5 states and sold 10,000+ cases.