Lux Art Institute

Visionary startup redefines the museum experience.

Lux Miresball Artist Tomas Rivas

How does a new arts destination realize its ambition?

Lux Art Institute merges studio and museum into a single concept with an innovative artist-in-residence program. Starting from the ground up, the organization needed to build a building—and a brand.

Visual identity

A more open view of the creative process.

Drawing from an iconic architectural feature, a square motif suggests a window into the world of art and the artist. The simple, efficient identity system is understated enough to allow the work to shine through.

Lux Miresball Building Window
Lux Miresball Business Card
Lux Miresball Donor Wall
Lux Miresball Grand Opening Invite
Lux Miresball Signage
Lux Miresball Artist Postcards

A dramatic presentation.

With a tight vertical format that thrusts the art forward, quarterly newsletters give members an up-close look at the artist-in-resident’s work.

Fun and festive in the foreground.

To compete with more prominent non-profits, event invitations put the brand’s creativity-celebrating personality in VIP mailboxes.


An ultra-efficient building block.

The brand’s square motif became an essential element of the website, creating consistency within a responsive grid for event announcements, a sortable calendar, an artist archive, and more.

Brand toolkit

Breaking out of the box.

The unfettered creativity at the heart of the brand is emphasized in an extension of the identity to Lux’ popular youth program.

Lux Art Institute Logo Lux Art Institute Kids Logo

With its communications consistently recognized within the museum community alongside well-known organizations such as The Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and MoMA, Lux gained credibility beyond its relatively modest footprint.