Houseplant nutrient lays the groundwork for growth.

Plantkiss Miresball Stake In Dirt

How does a houseplant nutrient communicate differentiation from the ground up?

Flanked on either side by well-established mass market names and niche brands, PlantKiss™ needed to connect with a growing crop of millennial and Gen Z consumers. It was time to dig in.

Plantkiss Miresball Green Wall

Feel the love.

Picking up on the passion of plant parents, the name embodies a nurturing relationship.


Visual identity

Leaf and lips in sync.

A simple but striking expression of the name speaks to the brand’s gregarious personality. Combining upper- and lower-case letters enhances approachability, while increasing legibility.

Brand toolkit

Keeping it connected.

Flexibly fulfilling a range of needs, the brand icon and typography delivers the right amount of PlantKiss presence in every execution.

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Plantkiss Miresball Notebook
Plantkiss Miresball Tshirt
Plantkiss Miresball Hat
Plantkiss Miresball Tote Bag
Plantkiss Miresball Shovel
Plantkiss Miresball Business Cards

Showing the Earth some love, too.

Keeping with its planet-friendly ethos, the fully recyclable package uses minimal material, with a design that makes the most of limited space.


From story to shop.

Inspiring purchase of a new product—unlike any other in the category—meant underscoring its simplicity without sacrificing the science behind it.

With an eye on SEO and a goal to gain credibility, the website steps through every aspect of the story with a full measure of PlantKiss personality.

Plantkiss Miresball Website
We’re so glad we trusted MiresBall to bring PlantKiss to life. The team captured the spirit of our plant-friendly nutrient and turned it into a name and e-commerce website rich with brand personality.
Chris LaRose, Co-founder PlantKiss