San Diego Foundation

More inclusive.

A regional nonprofit leads the effort to create a vibrant community for all.


How does an established nonprofit sharpen its focus on people and partnership?

For decades, San Diego Foundation managed a portfolio of donor-advised funds serving the local community. But with new leadership and an expanded mission, the organization took an increasingly active role improving quality of life in the region. A brand identity reset was needed to support the foundation’s transformation.

More was possible.

Visual identity

A brighter view.

With a multi-color design that suggests diversity and inclusion, the new logo embodies the foundation’s focus on improving the lives of all people in the region. Simple, solid shapes ensure legibility at every touchpoint, while evoking the optimism of a brilliant sun.

Miresball Rebrand Sandiego Foundation Before After
Miresball Rebrand Sandiegofoundation Business Card
Identity toolkit

Clarity through color.

In addition to expressing diversity, the brand’s palette maps to its seven focus areas, with each assigned a color for use in communications and navigation.

Signature shape

More connected communications.

Drawn from the logo, the arched window motif recalls a common San Diego architectural feature—while serving as a useful, unifying brand element.


Rounding out the toolkit.

A collection of icons derived from the logo geometry provides quick reinforcement of core concepts.


More together.

Created from the central human figure in the logo, a repeating pattern reflects the foundation’s commitment to the community.

Donor communications

Organized for efficiency.

A masterplanned system replaced a patchwork of different styles among the many reports and guidebooks published by the foundation. Incorporating various elements of the identity toolkit, templates are distinct but clearly related.

Miresball Rebrand Sandiego Foundation Brochure Masterplan 2

More relevance.

With a more durable identity and an expanded brand toolkit, San Diego Foundation is better equipped to consistently communicate its leadership and impact in the region.

“You have my sincere gratitude. The new brand is so uniquely us—who we are, where we are going.”

Theresa Nakata

Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, San Diego Foundation

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