Science is US

More trusted.

Established by a group of eight respected science and engineering organizations as a nonpartisan effort to bridge the gap between government officials and the STEM community, Science is US advocates for greater use of evidence in public policy. Becoming a go-to resource for credible information meant cutting through the noise with a simple, straightforward approach.

More was possible.

Science is US

Suggesting the importance of science to our country, the name also highlights an inclusive vision.

The identity underlines all the people, places, and things impacted by science.

Science is US helps policymakers address critical issues with evidence-based content and tools to evaluate information quality—all presented in a clear, digestible format.

Science Is Us Website Collage

Minimalist branding puts emphasis on facts over flash to build trust, and keep the focus where it matters.

The underline element allows the brand to show everyone and everything impacted by science.


More support.

As Science is US builds a broad base of bipartisan support across the country, it has received over $10M in funding from a top ten U.S. charitable foundation.

“MiresBall understood our unique and complex challenge—and came up with an elegant solution that allowed us to break through the noise while maintaining the seriousness needed to build credibility.”

Rachel Kerestes

Executive Director, Science is US

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