Shure | Conferencing

An audio icon brings its expertise to the workplace.

Shure Miresball Recording Booth

How does an audio icon make noise in a new category?

After nearly a century of making the world’s most iconic microphones, Shure set out to bring better audio to remote meetings. A new audience of IT decision makers needed an introduction to the brand.

With several well-established competitors exhibiting a bland sameness, there was an opportunity to break through by visually highlighting common conferencing pain points—and the better audio experience Shure enables.

Shure Miresball Conferencing Studio

Rock star sound comes to the conference room.

The expertise Shure brings to the category from its stage and studio heritage was a powerful differentiator, supporting the idea that with quality audio for every meeting, teams perform better, too.


Fueling the funnel.

A campaign-specific landing page organizes Shure conferencing solutions by need while highlighting the business value of professional-grade audio. Lead capture moves prospects into an email flow that offers deeper audio expertise.

Adding IntelliMix™ to the mix.

Simple, quick-read messaging emphasizes the benefits IT professionals achieve when replacing legacy hardware with software-based Shure audio processing technology.

Shure Miresball Intellimix Ad
It’s been a long-standing challenge to find a way to make use of Shure’s immense musical heritage to support our now leading position in audio for the workplace—and I think you’ve achieved that very powerfully and effectively.
Chris Merrick, Senior Director of Global Marketing—Integrated Systems Shure

At a time when remote collaboration was becoming more important than ever, the campaign made it loud and clear that Shure was ready to set a new standard in conferencing.