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Audio expertise comes through loud and clear.

Shure Miresball Se Earphone

How does a premium product convey quality to everyone, from casual listeners to experienced audiophiles?

Evolved from in-ear monitors made for the stage, Shure earphones and headphones deliver professional grade audio to consumers at prices ranging from $100 to over $1,000.

Communicating the value of these premier products­, built to rigorous performance and durability standards, was essential. Meticulous attention to detail—including immaculately crafted photography and typography—confidently declares product quality in every execution.

Shure Miresball Kse Kse

Life likes sound.

Reminding consumers of the benefits of immersive audio, Shure stakes its claim as an essential lifestyle ingredient.


Retail detail.

From entry level to super premium, package design delivers the right combination of impact and information to guide consumer choice.

Shure Miresball Aonic Earphone Packaging
Shure Miresball Srh Headphone Packagaing
Shure Headphones Srh
Shure Miresball Srh Headphone Packagaing Detail