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Industry-standard microphones stand out with greater clarity.

Shure Miresball Wireless Instrument Mic

How can customers from emerging musicians to seasoned pros navigate a myriad of sound reinforcement choices?

Featuring the SM58, the world’s most popular microphone, and the iconic Unidyne Model 55, known to many as the “Elvis Mic,” the Shure product family includes wired and wireless microphones for a wide range of needs. Presenting everything in an organized, intuitive way would help users more easily identify the right solution for their needs.


Refining the line logic.

A wholistic master planning effort simultaneously unified and clarified three separate price/performance tiers. All photographed with a common footprint, each reflects its own personality.

Created for emerging musicians, the PGA series uses scene-setting props and individual color cues. Well-worn stages, amps, and instrument cases become the backdrop for industry-standard SM mics, while the more refined BETA lineup stands out with shimmering ultra-clarity.

Rolled out to over 30 individual products, the new design strategy delivered a more distinct step up within the wired microphone category.

Shure Miresball Wired Microphones
Shure Miresball Wired Pga Packaging
Shure Miresball Wired Sm Packaging
Shure Miresball Wired Beta Packaging
Shure Miresball Packaing Before
Shure Miresball Packaing After

Wireless microphones reach farther.

For a complete overhaul of its wireless microphone offering at retail, Shure needed an all-encompassing solution that could accommodate global needs while communicating clear distinction among product tiers.

A combination of common and custom elements created discrete package designs for the Americas, EMEA, and Asia/Pacific markets. The result was over 50 separate SKUs that helped Shure continue its leadership in the wireless category.

Shure Miresball Wireless Microphones
Shure Miresball Wireless Packaging

Helping content creators find their voice.

Entering a growing category, Motiv Digital Microphones offer simple plug-and-play connectivity for musicians, podcasters, vloggers, and anyone who needs flexible, high-quality audio capture.

Packaging suggests each model’s use by juxtaposing clean, crisp product photography with stylized illustrations that make content creators the hero.

Shure Miresball Motiv Illustrations
Shure Miresball Motiv Packaging

Special editions that shine.

Whether it’s commemorating significant product anniversaries, highlighting artist tie-ins, or showcasing brand partnerships, Shure microphones are always front and center.

Shure Miresball Unidyne Th Anniversary
Shure Miresball Unidyne Packaging
Shure Miresball The Who Paul Mccartney
Shure Miresball Supreme Packaging
Shure Miresball Packaging Th Anniversary

More than a microphone.

Commemorating special events—including its own 50th anniversary—cements the SM58’s status as a cultural icon.

Shure Miresball Th Anniversary
Shure Miresball Th Anniversary Poster
Shure Miresball Grateful Dead Ad

They were able to think outside of the box and create a campaign that is different from others we have run.

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