Coronado Brewing and Surfrider Foundation launch new beer collaboration

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We’re excited to announce the release of new packaging for Coronado Brewing Company’s collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation. The name, CoastWise, was developed by MiresBall along with the can, carton and master carton design.

“We were stoked by the opportunity to meld Coronado and Surfrider’s shared love of coastal living,” said John Ball, owner and creative director of MiresBall. “Our design highlights the foundation’s mission to protect coastlines across the U.S.”

MiresBall chose the name CoastWise for its meaning, “following the coast,” which gives a nod to both brands. Created by MiresBall Associate Creative Director Miguel Pérez and Senior Designer Shawn Ritzenthaler, the packaging features playful lettering and an illustration inspired by a sea-protecting Poseidon, giving the can a whimsical aura.

“It’s just a really unique design,” said Brandon Richards, COO of Coronado Brewing Company. “We think this is going to stand out on the shelf and it really fits with our branding.”

CoastWise is the first collaboration beer to be added to Coronado Brewing Company’s core lineup, and because a portion of the sales are going to the Surfrider Foundation, beer drinkers have an ongoing opportunity to directly participate in the protection of the ocean and beaches.

The project follows a successful rebrand of Coronado Brewing Company by MiresBall launched in November 2015, including the introduction of its brand tagline “Stay Coastal.”

For more information about the CoastWise partnership, visit and for more ways to protect the coast visit


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